Brilliant Beth

The first time I met Beth she was standing in the Lubbock, TX airport waiting for my flight from Dallas to arrive.  The weather was icy and sleeting so the road weren’t good.  But there she was; in her jeans, work shirt and three crying kids.  I was there to facilitate a company meeting.  The meeting was cancelled because of the weather, but our friendship wasn’t.

That was thirty years ago.  We were both small town women who wanted it all!  We didn’t know it that day in the airport that we would both get what we wanted.  Beth and her husband had a small company and were eking out a living selling roofing systems. I was a “trailing” spouse who followed wherever my husband’s career took us.  Beth and I hit it off immediately. Our friendship survived several husbands, many moves and more tears then either of us care to remember.   We also survived transformations.

In Beth’s case, she became a business mogul.  She started with a dream to be successful and armed with complete confidence in herself, she succeeded.    Beth tried several different businesses including an online dating service.  More than once, Beth had no cash.  She and her husband divorced.  She raised her three kids by herself.  Through it all, Beth stayed focused and believed in herself.

Eight years ago Beth discovered that she had a talent for online marketing.  She formed a company providing social media services to small businesses.  She’s made a fortune.  Her children are grown and also very successful.  I also started my business eight years ago and fulfilled my dream of writing a book-Take Back Your Career.

I’m lucky to have a friend like Beth.  She taught me to be courageous.  She’s the best of what friends are all about and I love her for it.

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