7 Ways to Sell Yourself


  1. Become a better communicator.  Professionals who can carry on a face-to-face conversation, write an effective email, present information is a concise manner and can listen well are confident and comfortable in their own skin can sell themselves because they are self-assured.  People who communicate well put others at ease.  You are building strong business relationships and trust.
  2. Become a resource for others especially your customers.  Find out what other people need.  Help them reach their goals.  For example, when you come across an article or information that would help your largest client take time to send it with a short email.  Strive to touch your customers at least once a month.
  3. Lead by example.  Live your values and hold yourself accountable for your actions.  Build trust by being true to yourself and your ideals. When you are committed to your self worth, your confidence is contagious to others.  You are in a better selling zone because you’ve taken back your personal power.
  4. Watch your language.  Having a potty mouth isn’t professional.  Swearing is usually a habit that we’ve picked up somewhere i.e. college, listening to our uncles (that’s who I blame for my propensity to use four-letter words when I get frustrated).  Where we learned it doesn’t really matter.  Being aware of the habit and committing to breaking it is paramount.  Save cursing and swearing for your backyard.
  5. Be obsessive about your appearance.  Wear clothes that fit you….not too tight…not too big.  Being very sparing with perfume or after shave.  We may not realize how heavy scents are while we’re wearing them.
  6. Know what you’re talking about.  It’s expected that you know your product/service.  Become a SME-subject matter expert.  In addition, read everything you can on industry trends and business in general.  It’s easier to sell yourself if you come across as a multi-faceted person who is well-read and interesting.
  7. Try to make your meetings face-to-face whenever you can.  If not, use Skype or Go to Meeting or some similar tool.  It’s very difficult to sell yourself online because there’s no intonation in your voice and body language is lost completely.


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  • This seems like a good list. For instance, I know someone who is not successful, but will not go up to a person to talk face to face. Personally, I'm tired of deli counter people who won't look me in the face long enough for me to say "sliced thick."

    As far as being a resource, the one thing on which I agree with career counselors is that no one will hire you unless you can do something productive for them. Maybe, except in government, but even the employees in the drivers' license office of the Secretary of State are more accommodating lately.

    Finally, I agree that the "virtual world" is not a world. That's why I don't believe in stuff like Facebook. If anything, Skype removes any excuse from meeting face to face. No need for the big TV and T1 lines between conference rooms.

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    Hi - thanks for your comments - Have a good week

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    This was great. Keeps me feeling up about job searching. Good reminders of how to have a great interview.

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