25 Hot Personal Branding Tips....Just out of the microwave!

  1. YOU are the brand….are you a good brand or a bad brand?
  2. Surround yourself with people who compliment your skills
  3. Know the difference among: they’re, their, there.
  4. Lose the ” f” bomb in your vocabulary…I know, I’m a recovering f bomber myself
  5. Remember your body language speaks louder than words
  6. First thing each morning, write down your three daily goals….even before you check messages, etc.
  7. Support a social awareness campaign  - we need your help
  8. Tap into your creativity – discover a better way and share it
  9. Take yourself off automatic pilot for 11 minutes every day
  10. Become a “detective” and solve business mysteries i.e. better customer service, productive/ short meetings, tear down silos
  11. Feed your mind by reading a good book
  12. Keep your sense of humor….you’ll need it
  13. Keep your skills updated.  Take online classes to keep your edge
  14. Try to slow your cadence down…talk slowly and distinctly
  15. Admit you don’t know everything…learn from others
  16. Seek out the leaders in your industry and thank them for their contributions
  17. Donate to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts
  18. Learn to tell a good, clean joke
  19. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  20. Think of yourself as a customer service provider-no matter what your job is
  21. Remember to breathe…..really
  22. Support local businesses
  23. Become a student of history – you’ll begin to spot trends
  24. Make a statement through your actions-positive or negative…it’s up to you
  25. “Never miss the chance to shut up” Erma Bombeck

Three bonus tips

Appreciate your family and friends

Believe in yourself – I do

Vote – you can’t complain if you don’t vote




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  • Jan, thank you so much for sharing. I even left this tab open for my husband to read. I love the idea of video taping yourself to teach yourself. Brilliant!

  • In reply to Katy Kusek:

    thanks for the note, Katy...

  • Yes. Especially #3 (plus the it's, its and too, to, twos!).

  • In reply to Dan Bradley:

    Hi Dan - thanks for the note - Jan

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