14 More Personal Branding Tips-Hot Out OF The Microslave!

Here are more tips.  I hope you and your families have a great Thanksgiving.


  1. Learn to nudge others to become bright, shiny stars
  2. Use perfume and after shave sparingly – some people are allergic to fragrances
  3. Refrain from “bad mouthing” your competition – you will be perceived as unprofessional
  4. Structure your day around when your energy is high…i.e. if you’re a morning person, schedule your meetings in the morning.
  5. Stand up when talking of the phone….chances are the person on the other end is sitting…standing can give you an edge and your voice carries better.
  6. Carry breath mints
  7. Send articles etc. to your customers….provide information that applies to their industry
  8. Continue to work on your communication skills…especially face-to-face skills.  Your body language communicates 85% of your message.
  9. Watch your spelling – “i” before “e” except after “c” or when sounding like “a” in neighbor and weigh
  10. Help save the adverb – vigorously, passionately, consistently, persistently, graciously, wisely.
  11. Work to find your unique contribution to the world and make it with no strings attached
  12. Develop your listening skills.  Listen for needs from your clients and help address them
  13. Become “other” centric…become a resource for others
  14. Organize your time so that you are in control


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