YOU are the product

If you get nothing else out of my blogs, this one concept is worth holding on to.  Why?  Because once you grasp the concept, you’re at the very heart of what career management is all about.  It’s about you and how you impact the bottom line.  You will begin to understand that you are always presenting you, the product:  your ideas, your appearance, your tone, your values, your stories, your approach to life and your career.  Everything that is YOU is part of the product.

When you begin to incorporate the “YOU are the product” concept into your everyday life, you’ll be surprised at how well it works.  You become more focused on how you act and interact with people because you always want to be at your best.  You want look your best and feel your best.  Doors begin to open for you because your energy and self confidence are high and people want to know you.

Managing your career involves several factors.  They all stem from you.  Start using this model today….it’s never too late!

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