Reinvention Chronicles - Part 1

The next best thing to watching a success story is sharing the story.

This is a true success story about a friend of mine.  His name is John.    I met him through an accountability group that I co-facilitated.  I’m sharing share John’s story because he has taught me what it means to reinvent yourself and never give up on yourself.

When we first met,  he’d been looking for a senior manufacturing position for well over a year.  He had very little to show for his search activities…a few interviews, but little else.  John is the father of three children-two of them in college.  The strain of unemployment has been unbearably hard on him and his family. He’s tried sending resumes. He’s gone to every networking event within a five hundred mile radius.  He’s called in all his favors.  However, all of this energy has yielded very little in the way to job offers.

But, he hasn’t given up.  When he heard about a part time job driving a limo, he jumped at the chance.  Driving a limo daily got him out in the “real world” again and boosted his confidence.  He started getting his “mojo” back because he felt productive again and was bringing home a paycheck.  John explained that he’d never imagined in his wildest dreams that he’s be without a job for an extended period of time.  He’d always made his own way and been in control of his career.  He confessed that he’s spent time feeling sorry for himself, but he quickly realized that pity wouldn’t pay the bills.

Without telling his father, his oldest son wrote a letter to the owner of a manufacturing company explaining how talented and hardworking his father is.  He wrote that his dad was passionate about leadership and team building.  When the company owner read the letter, he called John and invited him to interview.

Being able to ask for and accept help from others is John’s true reinvention.   The latest update on John is that he is being pursued by two companies.  He says the last several months have made him more appreciative of getting and giving help.  He says he’s more empathic than ever.  Johns explains that he’s a better person and stronger leader…….stay tuned.  He had a second interview today.


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