Pity City

Ok, it’s time again for my annual rant about “pity city”.  I just got back from a detour trip to “pity city” so I have fresh insights to share.

One thing never changes. Pity city sucks!  For the uninitiated, It’s that place you go to and feel sorry for yourself.  You wallow in self loathing and depression.  It’s never a good hair day in “pity city”.  The sun never shines.  There’s no laughter or happiness.  It’s doom and gloom and paralyzing.  It’s just not a great place to be and yet many of are there more than we want to be.

I know from experience that going to “pity city” when you’re in a job search happens regularly.  Your energy is low.  Getting out of bed is a major chore.  Facing yet another networking event is ugly. However, don’t give up.  There are things that work:

  1. Exercise is a lifesaver.  Making walking, running, team sports or anything that gets you up and moving.  The good news is that it doesn’t take long to see the results of exercising.  Your moods will be better and your energy level will increase.
  2. Pass on alcohol.  Booze maybe a great temporary distraction; however it clouds your senses and hangovers are wicked.
  3. Get out of the house every day.  I’ll pack up my laptop and send the day at a local coffee shop.  Just getting dressed and being around other people helps you stay connected.

If you feel a Pity City detour coming on remember to take a deep breath, hold your head up high and walk the other way…..sometimes it works!


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