5 Ways You Can Easily Help Someone in a Job Search Keep Their Sanity

Statistics show (hate ‘em) that you will be in a job search at least once in the next five years.  So, I recommend that you start paying forward now so all that good karma will be waiting for you when you need it.  If you don’t believe in karma, do this anyway because you’ll need help when you’re time comes.

People in a job search need our help.  They don’t have cooties and they’re not bad people.  The job search process wears one down and is very isolating and all around sucky!  Self-esteem takes a huge dive, fear grips the soul and social paralysis soon follows.

If I sound like an expert on this subject, it’s because I am.  I’ve been down-sized, right-sized, over-sized, and under-sized and I know the routine….I wrote it!  I’ve learned a few things each of us can do to help others out:

  1. Offer to help make networking contacts.  One or two phone calls go a long way in making connections.
  2. Write a recommendation on LinkedIn for a colleague who’s in a job search.
  3. Send an email asking how the search is going.
  4. Tell the truth…..if a resume is badly written, Linkedin profile isn’t complete, handshake is weak…tell the person….believe, they’ll be glad you did especially because you’re going to be so tactful.
  5. Offer to meet them for coffee and just be a sounding board.

I know these work because when someone offered to help me it meant so much and helped me keep my shaky sanity.


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