25 More Personal Branding Tips

  1. Help other people get what they want
  2. Become the “go to” personal in your industry-be an expert
  3. Don’t gossip….it’s bad for your reputation
  4. Read “Take Back Your Career” – it’s very good
  5. Always have your business card available
  6. Develop a PowerPoint presentation which markets you and your skills-post it on all your social media sites.
  7. Read more….being well read is imperative for professionals
  8. Create a hand-written note thanking someone who’s done you a favor
  9. Check and recheck your writings for spelling and grammar.
  10. Read Daniel Pink’s “Free Agent Nation”…it explains the new workplace model
  11. Take pride in your work….people will notice
  12. Expand your horizons…add a new word to your vocabulary
  13. Speak succinctly and clearly…not too fast or too slow
  14. Try to keep your temper under control.
  15. Relax yourself mentally and physically every day
  16. Believe you’re a good person, because you are
  17. Make a decision…procrastination isn’t healthy
  18. Take back your personal power
  19. Be a leader by setting a great example
  20. Keep your word
  21. Become a good conversationalist…be good at small talk
  22. Make good eye contact
  23. Be respectful
  24. Never assume anything
  25. Strive to be organized

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