About -- Tails from the Front

This is Andrea and my trusty side kick, Rusty...  we hope to share our anecdotes  and experiences that we happen upon while we enjoy our life together.

A little about me...  I have mostly hands on experience and training with animals, but mostly dogs and cats.  I have cannot remember a time that I did not have a pet and a love for all animals.  But more important than a love for animals is an amazing understanding that love is not enough...animals, especially dogs, as pack animals, need a leader.  Having 3 cats and  a  loyal dog I have become their pack leader.  I also help take care of and train many other dogs that belong to other families.

Many years ago, I worked with police K-9's and realized I have a natural pack leader instinct.  I then worked for 8 years with a 'goose chaser' (Rusty) on a golf course and while I was not the person that Rusty was spending the most time with...  I was certainly his pack leader and remain with him today in his retirement years.  Rusty is often my 'litmus test' on what 'issues' a dog we are working with might have.

I volunteer at a local animal shelter and work part-time ...  my goal is to make people and pets more in tune with the needs of both and to make people better pet owners with a little humor and a lot of insight.