Sniff my butt!!

Sniff my butt!! Really, sniff it!! That is what your dog is saying to every other dog out there... it is a dogs way of greeting. A well adjusted, well mannered dog WILL sniff another dogs butt. In the dog world... sniffing butts IS GOOD manners. Most dogs will scent or smell another living being before they hear or see them and sniffing butts is a way to get to know another dogs scent.

As I walked with my trusted dog Rusty the other day in at a well attended outdoor event, another attendee had their dog too. As is my practice, I had Rusty sit and stay while I asked the other human if their dog was good with other dogs. When the human replied that his dog was other dog friendly I allowed Rusty to approach and greet the other dog. All was going as dogs do and I hear the other dog owner say, "No, no sniffing butts." as he pulled the leash to prevent his dog from sniffing Rusty's butt. I just thought that was odd... as he continued to physically keep his dog from sniffing butts with another dog.

Did he think two dogs sniffing butts was wrong? Was it being rude? And if so, to whom? Certainly not the dogs... they were happily wagging tails and getting acquainted. Did the butt sniffing embarass him? Geez, what would he do if his dog had to poop? Or worse yet... they LICKED each other!!! OMG!

I tried to let the other dog owner know that butt sniffing didn't offend me... and certainly wouldn't bother Rusty or his dog, but he seemed disturbed by the thought of butt sniffing. So, we thanked the dog with a pat on the head and we headed in the other direction.

So, for all those uptight people or people that just don't know... butt sniffing is OK. In fact, in the world of dogs... it is EXPECTED. Now, as for shaking hands or hugging... that is odd!

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    I guess he probably thinks its wrong when a dog sticks his nose in your crotch too. I think it's good manners...even for humans. LOL. Nice job and humerous.

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