Guinness!! Guinness...! GUINNESS!!!! (no, not the beer)

Getting ready to leave the dog park...  I hear Guinness!!  Guinness!! (high pitched happy voice)  then Guinness!  Guinness!  (low pitched authority voice) and then GUINNESS!!!  GUINNESS!!  (pleading hoping he will listen voice)  All coming from a woman who was haplessly following around a tail wagging, exuberant black lab who is visiting everyone and everything in the dog park EXCEPT the owner who was trying to wrangle him.

At one point the woman tries to bribe Guinness with a treat....  "Guinness, you wanna treat?!" To which Guinness bounds over and takes a whiff of the air...  and then high tails it in the other direction...  guess Guinness figured out that there was no treat, huh?  This comedy goes on for a good 5 minutes...  calling for Guinness, Guinness does not listen and yet calling for Guinness some more, but in a different sounding voice.

Eventually, Guinness finds himself ambling over to the table that I am sharing with my dog, Rusty...  I give Guinness a pat on the head...  and an ear rub and promptly grab his collar.  The owner gratefully puts Guinness' leash on and thanks me.  At which point she starts to walk away and apologizes to Guinness for not having his treats.

Dog parks are a wonderful outlet for dogs.  Dog parks are great for socialization fordogs.  Dog parks are a source of bonding and exercise for dogs AND their people.  BUT if you do not have good recall with  your dog it can be frustrating and embarassing...  for the people...  because the dogs, they are just living in the moment...  and playing tag!

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    Humorous post...can't wait to see more!

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