Maybe YOU should be neutered!

It was a wonderful day at the dog park and all the dogs were having a great time.  A very stable and calm group playing near the benches as the owners gabbed about their fury bundles of joy.  Then came in two big muscular unneutered males.  They charged into the group and began playing rough.  Started trying to mount and dominate the other dogs.  The owners did not seem to understand that those behaviors were bad manners in the dog world.  All the dogs started to behave more dominantly, they started to get to a higher level of anxiety and/or excitement.  I calmly suggested to the owners that their dogs seemed to have a lot of energy and that maybe a walk would help expel some of the energy.  I went on to explain that because their dogs were unaltered, they wanted to be dominant to dogs that were threatened by their unaltered state and that changed the dynamics of the dog group.  Even going on to explain about pheromones and dominant energy that all unaltered dogs can eminate.

The response from the unaltered dogs owners was not only negative, but they denied that their dogs were the problem, but the other dogs just didn't know how to play with their dogs.  I calmly moved from that area of the park to another on the far end from were the unaltered dogs were still playing rough and dominantly.

After the unaltered dogs continued to wander away from their owners and attempt to dominant and/or mount all other dogs they came into contact, the male owner of the dogs came over to collect the two...  loudly stating that his dogs better be careful around us, because we didn't like balls over there and that we might neuter them!  While watching this less than intelligent person try to gather his powerful duo...  I continued to calmly explain that his dogs weren't misbhaving, but merely doing what their hormones were compelling them to do...  and that other dogs will continue to react more aggressively to his dogs due to their unaltered state.  After watching this guy calling his dogs and them oblivious to his calls, I caught the collar of the one dog to allow the owner to take the collar and retrieve his dog...  at that point the owner loudly stated, "You better be careful General, she wants to neuter you."  At which point I could no longer hold back and raised my voice while responding, " While it wouldn't be a bad idea to neuter your dog, maybe YOU are the one that should be neutered!"  At which point all  the people that were within ear shot, smiled and nodded their heads in agreement.

The story has and ending of which was rightly named Kazma (Kaz being my last name)...  as the owners of the unaltered dogs drove their dogs home, the dogs escaped from the vehicle.  While the dogs were being rounded up by the local police and owners, the vehicle was struck while stopped on the side of the road.  Unfortunately for the dogs, they were being led by their testosterone, the owners were  not educated enough to see that by neutering their dogs early in life, they could have prevented all of these issues.

Take the advice of your vet and the APSCA, fix at Four months...

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    Good Job, Honey!

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    If only some people where as SMART as their dogs..............
    they haven't got a clue.

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