Scaredy cat...

On one of the last nice days of fall I see my neighbors kids (tweens or young teenagers) in their pajamas, in their backyard, with their indoor cats cradled in their arms.  No leash, no harness, no collars …  each tween has one very large and very scared cat.  Each cat then proceeds to panic... Read more »

Put a leash on it!

Yeah, you…  put a leash on it!!  No, not your dog, your kid!  Yes, your kid.  Why?  Because your kid is running around and freaking out some of the dogs.  Just because your dog will tolerate your childs behavior, doesn’t mean all the dogs  will.   I have had this very conversation NUMEROUS times at the dog... Read more »

Sniff my butt!!

Sniff my butt!! Really, sniff it!! That is what your dog is saying to every other dog out there… it is a dogs way of greeting. A well adjusted, well mannered dog WILL sniff another dogs butt. In the dog world… sniffing butts IS GOOD manners. Most dogs will scent or smell another living being... Read more »

Guinness!! Guinness...! GUINNESS!!!! (no, not the beer)

Getting ready to leave the dog park…  I hear Guinness!!  Guinness!! (high pitched happy voice)  then Guinness!  Guinness!  (low pitched authority voice) and then GUINNESS!!!  GUINNESS!!  (pleading hoping he will listen voice)  All coming from a woman who was haplessly following around a tail wagging, exuberant black lab who is visiting everyone and everything in... Read more »

Maybe YOU should be neutered!

It was a wonderful day at the dog park and all the dogs were having a great time.  A very stable and calm group playing near the benches as the owners gabbed about their fury bundles of joy.  Then came in two big muscular unneutered males.  They charged into the group and began playing rough. ... Read more »