Our world is filled with patterns and the systems that use them to accomplish tasks and to further goals.

That sounds like a mouthful, but bear with me. . . .  This is a blog that chooses various systems and/or patterns and tries to summarize them so that we can pick and choose the ones that interest us to follow up and study if we wish.  Here is an example:  I once had a fabulous husband (I am a widow) who seemed to know everything about anything, and when I would challenge him by saying, "You can't possibly KNOW that!", he would simply shrug his shoulders while I would run to the dictionary or the encyclopedia or, later, the Internet to look it up.  He was never wrong.  Now, maybe he would only comment on topics that he DID know something about, but nevertheless, the wide range of his knowledge was astonishing.

It wasn't until after his death and I was dismantling his home office, that I discovered the key to his incredible range of knowledge.  Mixed in with the many books on his shelves, I found old primers on physics, chemistry, language, history, environmental issues, geology, business, nature, and much more.  "So this is how he did it!", I said to myself.  "He started somewhere, simply, and built up his knowledge from there throughout the rest of his life.

It is my belief that we can do that too.

Start somewhere, and build up our knowledge from there as we encounter additional facts throughout our lives.

To this end, I'm beginning with the Myers-Briggs theory of personality.  I chose this as I know that you, the readers of this blog, will be different from me in your approach to the systems and patterns that I present.  Hopefully, these differences will allow you to make contributions to the blog through your comments, and therefore, I can add to my knowledge also.  Understanding the similarities and differences in our personalities should help greatly in how we "read" one another.