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Download De La Soul's entire discography for free today

WHAT? I know! Give yourself an amazing Valentine’s Day gift and visit De La Soul’s website to download their entire discography for free. I remember listening to a mix tape my friend Andy made for me Junior year of high school – full of oodles and oodles of ohs and damn did I fall in... Read more »

Six Amazing Valentine's Day Gifts My Husband Can Get Me This Year, But Won't

A few days ago I spied a cookbook gifted to me by my mother-in-law titled, “How to Make Love & Dinner at the Same Time.” Eek. Susie Q getting saucy! I ended up setting it on fire, so I obviously didn’t follow the rule of not heating up the kitchen.  But it did get me... Read more »

Watch These Netflix Gems Now

TLC's Extreme Cheapskates (2013). Bargh! Last weekend I spent way too long banking online so I could watch this show. I love a good deal, but good Lord do these people put me to shame. Eating of strangers plates? Washing clothes by showering in them? It's crazy awesome.
We dropped cable a few years ago because we weren’t watching enough of it to rationalize shelling out $12 million/month AND there is more than enough weird stuff on Netflix to keep us engaged for years.  Here are six documentaries/series I suggest you check out if you haven’t already…or consider yourself dead to me. What... Read more »

I like to make major design decisions based on nailpolish colors

It’s been a hot minute since I posted something. I have no excuse other than: I am very lazy. I joined in on a road trip to Branson, MO (nine hour drive with a 2.5 year old in case you were wondering) to help pack up my grandpa’s treasures, and bring them back to Chicago.... Read more »
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