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How to Kill Romance: Pose With Your Mom's Used Lingerie

Do you know what the most unromantic gift to give to your wife on your second, seventh anniversary (story to follow)? Gravel. OK, not really. I mean, I really didn’t get the gravel. But I also forgot our anniversary for the second time this year. Yes, we have two anniversaries because we decided to get... Read more »

Thursday Night Nonsense: Toddler Games, Ritalin and Canada

It’s nine o’clock on a Thursday! That means I am getting crazy in bed. And it’s kind of awesome. Heads up – the following is a bunch of nonsense. EK is moaning from his bed: “My feet aren’t tight enough. My feet need to be tucked in tighter.” Tough love, friends, tough love. We were... Read more »

I like to make major design decisions based on nailpolish colors

It’s been a hot minute since I posted something. I have no excuse other than: I am very lazy. I joined in on a road trip to Branson, MO (nine hour drive with a 2.5 year old in case you were wondering) to help pack up my grandpa’s treasures, and bring them back to Chicago.... Read more »

Random Friday fun: New Interweb sensation, how to dispose of a body and bathroom candy

Time for some random thoughts on  a sunny Friday 1. EK has been on a terror lately. Like what? How about silently creeping into the bathroom last night, sans diaper, jumping from the toilet to the sink and opening the medicine cabinet to grab some M&Ms like the little Golum he is. What, you don’t... Read more »

Yesterday I hung out with my topless mom and other random musings

Friday random musings. 1. I wish I was a writer for the League. Really, I wish I was friends with writers from the League. Why? Because I want to hang out with the cast (yes, I know they ad lib) to overhear whatever conversations lead to gems like these: – If Sofia and I split... Read more »

Random thoughts: Overboard, nerd-models, DIY projects and ketchup

Big news  folks, big news. Last week I received a Facebook message from one Greg Proffit (screen name from Overboard, obviously) basically saying: “I saw your post. I am sort of OK with it. Do I have to hire security for my wedding? I am surprised I haven’t unfriended you.” I KNOW! I KNOW! I... Read more »
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