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My kid is heading to kindergarten and I’m feeling all the feels

Well, it’s happened. Like every other kid, mine has gone ahead and grown up. I mean, he isn’t sprouting a dirty ‘stache or anything, but he’s old enough to head off to school. And with this realization comes a whole lot of freak outs on mom’s part. Let’s run through a list of these (sometimes unreasonable)... Read more »

Happy Mother's Day! I'll try to keep my kid out of the ER

As I lazed about in bed this morning wondering where my G-D breakfast was, my mind wandered to my feet. Specifically, my lovely bunions. I know, gross. I became unreasonably excited about the prospect of surgery this year as our health spending account money  will roll over and we will have zero deductible for 2013-2014.... Read more »

The First Year of Parenting: When Did I Lose my Mind?

Last week my friend Goose asked me about nursing bras and for the life of me, I couldn’t remember one useful nugget of information for this new mama. I started thinking, what do I really remember from EK’s first year of life? Pretty much nada. Luckily for me (not so much for you), I chronicled... Read more »