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This Week's Top Ten Parenting Fails According to My Kid

1. At 2:30 AM today, I was summoned from Dreamland by a screaming preschooler. I did what any responsible parent would do and covered my head with a pillow. However, his relentless cries finally won out and, after dragging myself out of bed, was told that I “ruined his birthday party by not playing the... Read more »

Easy DIY tufted headboard tutorial

Another DIY project, you ask? We didn’t get enough when we tufted a coffee table? Or used chalk-paint on a giant sideboard? Hell no. There are never enough DIY projects when you are a cheap bastard psuedo-crafty. This time we opted to horn in on a friend’s project: a sweet ass  DIY tufted  headboard. Let’s... Read more »

Bad decisions are my forte

When Mr. Swirley is away I really let myself go. Not in the “I don’t do my make-up or brush my hair way”, because, let’s be honest, I rarely get gussied up. It’s more the “I ordered a  ton (I mean this literally) of mulch to be dumped on our driveway with no real plan... Read more »

I like to make major design decisions based on nailpolish colors

It’s been a hot minute since I posted something. I have no excuse other than: I am very lazy. I joined in on a road trip to Branson, MO (nine hour drive with a 2.5 year old in case you were wondering) to help pack up my grandpa’s treasures, and bring them back to Chicago.... Read more »

Old houses and a slice of humble pie

I grew up in an American foursquare house. We had a front yard, a back yard and 100+year old cracked plaster walls. My mom moved out a year and a half after we moved in and it was just me and my dad for the next four years. And the eight kids wreaking havoc in... Read more »

Crappy coffee, baby-fever and a list of other random thoughts

Today is a good day for a list of random thoughts. 1. This is what my morning coffee looks like. It 90% half and half, 8% coffee and 2% coffee grinds. On a scale of 1 to sludge, it’s fairly disgusting. Especially as I only sprinkled new coffee grounds on day-old muck to make a... Read more »

A sort-of “how to”: DIY chalk painted buffet

We did it! We painted our buffet and it looks good…from afar. Nah, I really do like it. If you don’t recall (I mean, why would you?), we purchased the buffet a few weeks ago from a used furniture place in Wicker Park. I have wanted to buy a large piece of dining room furniture... Read more »
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