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Awkward TV: Sometimes it's Fun to Cringe

I’m definitely growing weirder as I age. Like a lot weirder. A few weeks ago a nurse asked, “how are you doing?”, to whit I responded, “I’m overbearing.” Yikes. Luckily people seem to like weirdos (at least on television), which gives me a sliver of hope. 1. Mortified Nation. My childhood diary consisted of some... Read more »

8 reasons why I am going to lose my sh!t today

Let’s just jump in, shall we? 1. My mom lost her dental plate. Again. Nerds Smartypants of the world, can you PLEASE, for the love of sweet baby Jesus, invent a bluetooth or homing device for dentures/plates/whathaveyou? These things cost more than the valued place on a Duggar’s v-card. 2. The battery backup for our... Read more »

5 absurd reasons why working from home is amazificent

Back in 2008, I relocated from DC to Chicago and my boss was kind enough to keep me on the payroll as a part-time employee. It was my first experience in the working-from-home world, and I’m not going to lie, it took a bit of time to adjust to this new way of life. Do... Read more »

Won't you be my neighbor?: Five interesting fact about Fred Rogers

Who doesn’t love Mr. Rogers? I regularly pull his shows up on YouTube and watch them let my kid watch them. I mean, just look at this silver fox. According to Rogers’ stagehand turned actor Michael Keaton, Rogers was “funny, just deceptively funny. So authentic, but also so unusual.” Intriguing, no? Fun facts: 1. Fred was... Read more »

A baby who LOVES Katy Perry and 8 other Internet videos that will make your head explode

A baby who LOVES Katy Perry and 8 other Internet videos that will make your head explode
The world can be a rough place for us working folks.  This mere fact is exactly why the Internet is awesome. Singing babies, singing animals, saucy comedians, tear jerkers – the Interwebs has something for everyone who needs a little pick me up.. Below are nine of my fave videos – share a link to... Read more »

Five Weird Things I Watched in the 1980s

Lately, I’ve been waxing nostalgic  when it comes to television shows and movies. Mr. Swirley has endured me asking if Ellis is “too young for Goonies” (is that even possible?) no less than 12,000 times since January. All this rose-colored business got me thinking of my most favorite brain-rots from the ol’ childhood that might... Read more »

Joan Cusack watched me lose my mind

The holidays are a stressful time for many. Presents, money, time, money, calories, money. What can make them a little easier? Joan Cusack. “What?”, you say? Let’s do this. This past weekend, I was buzzing around Old Town looking for the perfect gift for my mother-in-law because the other three gifts I had purchased were... Read more »

Winter is crap except for those delicious snowflakes

And here it is folks. The annual bitch about the weather post. This year’s  is sponsored by the post lady who just told me to “shut up” when I shivered as I handed her 1/1000000 of our Christmas cards (last year the postman told me he would stop delivering mail if I kept answering the... Read more »

7 things that go together that absolutely don't go together

This one is pretty self explanatory. 
(Credit: Google Maps)
I recently read a Red Tricycle -Chicago story article about a new kids yoga studio that is sharing a building with a candy store. Get those little buggers all relaxed and then BAM! Sugar high. Or at least up your blood-pressure as you dodge “WHY CAN’T WE GET CANDY?” x 10000000. And then there is... Read more »

Like a G6, Parents' Remix

What do you do when you are on a work trip? How about write a parody of a dance anthem’s lyrics to match your current lifestyle. Help Swirleytime and the Comfypants Chronicles put it to video. You are welcome in advance. “Want Some Fishsticks” To the tune of  the Far East Movement’s “Like a G6”... Read more »
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