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I'd rather eat shards of glass than listen to people chew

Yesterday, I logged in to my computer and was oddly inspired by Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Morning Quiet Time?  hilarious meme on maintaining one’s composure when faced with a “gross chewer”. And let me preface this post with the fact that yes, I realize there exists full-mouth talkers and it’s totally reasonable... Read more »

Letter to a new mom: Five reasons why you kick ass

You will have some toned-ass biceps. OK, maybe just one arm, but whatevs. Yes, it’s due to lugging that little peanut around, doing arm-lifts with a car seat or late night “swinging sessions”, but hey, exercise is exercise! And it’s free. And best of all, if you are sleepy enough, you won’t even remember doing the actual heavy lifting.
This week, many of us here at ChicagoNow have been writing letters and sharing our thoughts to all the new mothers out there. My two cents? Eat lots of tacos and ice cream, cherish your newly acquired biceps and be kind to yourself. Listen, there is a lot of scary talk out there when it... Read more »

The Terrors Found Within My Purse, Round II

Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other is sort of sandy taupe.
Mama’s got a brand new bag. There are few things more exciting than transferring “treasured” items from an old murse (mom purse) to a brand new Mary Poppins’ sack. The last time I publicly emptied my bag, I received a number of excellent submissions from other folks who shared the sh!!tshow going on within the... Read more »

The Illustrated Guide to Getting Kids to Sleep

When people told me my kid would someday sleep through the night, I assumed that would mean I too would be sleeping a solid eight hours snuggled up in my cozy bed. “Just get through the first three six twelve months,” we told ourselves, “ and then it will be easy-street from then on out.”... Read more »

Dog or baby?: Guess which of these walking disasters did these 25 things

Recently I was talking with my cousin Anna about how kids are sort of like feral beasts. Crap, did we say that? Well, they are most of the time. Especially those little itty bitty ones (like five and under) whose primary purpose in life is to bleed you dry of all of your cash-money and... Read more »
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