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30 movies turning 30 in 2015

<a href="">Goonies</a>. Chunk and the gang are <a href="">together right now</a> in Astoria, OR doing the truffle shuffle celebrating 30 years of awesomeness. This film defined many a childhood and is quoted on the daily around here.
It’s 3:37 AM on Wednesday morning. I could blame my insomnia on anticipation of today’s arrival of FIVE houseguests; they won’t notice the “hair carpet” in the bathroom, right? Or our wedding anniversary (I FINALLY REMEMBERED!!!!) Alas, nope and nope. Instead, I think I’m just turning into an old biddy. You know what else makes... Read more »

This Week's Top Ten Parenting Fails According to My Kid

1. At 2:30 AM today, I was summoned from Dreamland by a screaming preschooler. I did what any responsible parent would do and covered my head with a pillow. However, his relentless cries finally won out and, after dragging myself out of bed, was told that I “ruined his birthday party by not playing the... Read more »

Floating heads, dogs in costume, longing gazes: I'll never beat this year's holiday card

Well, it’s official: I am going to freak out when our roommates move out. If you don’t already know, some friends moved in with us this summer and are still shacked up in this chaotic house. With their impending condo closing scheduled for basically tomorrow, I know it’s only a matter of time before they... Read more »

Successful parenting sometimes means letting go

Yesterday I read a well-written blog post by fellow CN’er Walter Michka entitled, “How will your kids turn out?” He wrote, Bryan Caplan, author of Selfish Reasons To Have More Kids believes children’s long-term outcome is more nature than nurture, that parents may have some influence on their children in the short-term but long-term, it’s really up to the kids themselves. “…parents... Read more »

Chaos! Please help me organize my digital photos

People of the Internet! I turn to you once again to help me in my terribly misguided life. This time, I need to know how to deal with the GAJILLIONS of photos we have taken with our trusty digi camera. I love  taking pictures almost as much as complaining about how giant image files slow... Read more »

My preschooler is already questioning the existence of the Easter Bunny

It’s bunny time for many of us. Last week, our little family ventured to one of  Chicago’s suburbs to meet that furry beast and procure some candy. The bunny was kind of  a “dirt-bunny”, but, I mean, can you even get those costumes cleaned? Is that something a dry-cleaner does? I have actually spent a... Read more »

To Overprotective Parents: I Say Asphalt is Nutritious and Delicious

I remember when EK threatened to crawl, my daycare provider of a dad suggested that I get down on my kid’s level to identify potential hazards. With knees covered in cat hair and dust bunnies, I spied sharp corners just ripe for eyeball pokes, sequins (don’t judge, they are AWESOME hot pants), and other perils... Read more »

Caretaking Chronicles: Silver Linings

Excuse my week-long absence. Things got nuts. Like shitty-nuts, not awesome nuts. Like on a scale of nuttiness, where one is “eh, I didn’t need that finger anyway” and 10 being “holy guacamole, that dude’s head just exploded” – we were at like mach 40. Sunday I received a call from Ho-Ho’s supportive living folks... Read more »

The Illustrated Guide to Getting Kids to Sleep

When people told me my kid would someday sleep through the night, I assumed that would mean I too would be sleeping a solid eight hours snuggled up in my cozy bed. “Just get through the first three six twelve months,” we told ourselves, “ and then it will be easy-street from then on out.”... Read more »

Five Weird Things I Watched in the 1980s

Lately, I’ve been waxing nostalgic  when it comes to television shows and movies. Mr. Swirley has endured me asking if Ellis is “too young for Goonies” (is that even possible?) no less than 12,000 times since January. All this rose-colored business got me thinking of my most favorite brain-rots from the ol’ childhood that might... Read more »
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