Unique gifts for the '80s movie lover on your list - 2015 edition

It's holiday shopping time again, y'all. And, as usual, I'm inspired by the Internet and all of the goodies on which I can waste spend cash. Go American consumerism!

combine_imagesClueless turned 30 this year. 3-0. Sweet Lord. Aside from that creepy step-sibling incest sub-plot, the movie is solid. Bring it back with a sweet dazzle feather pen ($22.00 - yes, that is an egregious price) or VCR tape-turned  Ipad case ($32.88). Weird gifts, but I would be thrilled to get these wrapped up and topped with a plaid bow.

4combine_imagesThrough dangers untold and hardships've found yourself smack in the middle of an Internet consumer goldmine.Get some sweet Labyrinth swag and be every Hoggle fans hero.

Personally, I'm a fan of the door knocker ($171) just because it's as obnoxious as it is useful. However, if you are into a more subtle representation of your fandom, the sweetest pencils ever made ($11) or an 'ello' worm print ($2.75) will warm the darkest of Goblin King hearts. For the younger sect,  introduce this classic film with the help of Jared and Sarah in Lego form (glass globe and all - $47).

il_570xN.842402244_h9k6The Burbs continues to top my list of favorite 1980s movies. Hell, I watched it last month.If you know someone who is as obsessed with neighborhood watches as yours truly, this subtle reference via a tee ($30) will surely be a hit. Damn, I wish I would've thought of this.

Can you ever deny the greatness of a Kurt Russell film? No, no you can't. Nor you can turn away from ridiculous gear referencing said movies. In the case of Big Trouble in Little China, , there exists hats, phones cases ($25) and more.


As someone who currently sports Kurt Russell on her phone case, I want to forewarn you that the dude gets a lot of attention. A LOT.

il_570xN.681338228_pklsHave a friend who wants to party all the time? Feed his love of Beverly Hills Cop with a tee ($22.95) a la Axel Foley. You know you want one too...

And there is so much more...

Please share your odd goodies - I might just pick something up for Mr. Swirley.

Want more suggestions?  Check out last years ultimate gift list for any 80s movie lover (2014)

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Type your email address in the box and click the "create subscription" button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

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