I'm not ready for my kid to head to kindergarten...next year

a day downtown like no other. And a motivational quote photobomb..."it's your time to shine".

a day downtown like no other. And a motivational quote photobomb..."it's your time to shine".

Lately,  my newsfeed is filled with happy pictures of kids heading off to their first day of school. I  can almost remember what it smelled like that first week - new clothes, fancy folders and locker combinations I still dream about.

However, this year things feel a little more sentimental. With every photo I study, I can't help but mourn the fact that we have only one more year of long weekends with EK and then he heads off to kindergarten. Sometimes those Thursdays and Fridays are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long, and other days I don't want them to end.

We are so blessed to have this time together. And for all the complaining I do, I don't want anything to change...even if we have a whole year to prepare. Maybe it's because I always felt like our family would be the three of us, or maybe parents of eight kids mourn the passing of each phase, but the mere thought of things moving foward has me a lotta misty-eyed.  Like every stranger has told me, "it [time] moves so quickly" when it comes to kids.

One day, wen EK was still just a babe, I realized he no longer pulled his little bird legs up close to his body when we lifted him from his crib. How did I miss this transtion?

Another morning, I walked in and his diapered tush was no longer flying high in the air while he napped after screaming his face off for ten minutes.

A year later, he turned around and said, "I love you, mama" for the first time. What the what? (around 1:23)

Now we spend our Thursday mornings pajama-clad, sipping coffee and milk respectively, working on art projects or watching toons. Maybe a trip to grandma's to get insulted by some elderly men or a park or badass robot shop. The freedom we currently enjoy is unbelieveable and so, so precious.

And now, as we  near the eve of his fourth birthday (and yes, I am a huge cheesemonster), I can't believe how fast everything is moving. Damn you strangers and your unsolicited advice!  Also, I cannot believe how irrational almost-four-year-olds still are. Seriously?

Though the point of this whole thing isn't to hold on to these little beasts, right? It's to get them out the door and buying you a yacht for your 50th anniversary. That or your kids are happy and successful in their own right. So I will keep documenting and enjoying what I can, shaking my fists at the sky once in a while, and continuing my silent coundown clock until August 2015.  Then I might just die.

your kiddo off to school this year? What emotions are going through your head?  And for the love of all that's holy,  when well they just quit with the tantrums?

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