A baby who LOVES Katy Perry and 8 other Internet videos that will make your head explode

A baby who LOVES Katy Perry and 8 other Internet videos that will make your head explode

The world can be a rough place for us working folks.  This mere fact is exactly why the Internet is awesome.

Singing babies, singing animals, saucy comedians, tear jerkers - the Interwebs has something for everyone who needs a little pick me up.. Below are nine of my fave videos - share a link to yours' in the comments.

1.  Heart Katy Perry? Not as much as this sweet child I wish was mine. Holy hell does she love Ms. Katy's jams like Zach Galifianakis loves pudding (I DIDN'T SAY IT!!  - see #9)

2. Apparently, Noah is the cutest four year old in the world. And APPARENTLY he has never been on live TV.

3. And for the record, some people who usually don't consider themselves suckers for advertising (cough, cough) can fall for a good PR campaign. Hard.

4.  Sassypants don't like to wear pants.

5. Mr. Swirley's hometown breeds badass grandmas. But I am guessing his mom already knew that.

6. One of my favorite This American Life snippets. Oh, and we are all full of BS.

7.  I can't wait to get old. Well, older. Oh dear...

8.  One of Mr. Swirley's favorites for really dumb, but obvious reasons.

9. You should be off pudding.

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