My preschooler is already questioning the existence of the Easter Bunny

Gah. This dude needs a bath. The bunny too.

Gah. This dude needs a bath. The bunny too.

It's bunny time for many of us. Last week, our little family ventured to one of  Chicago's suburbs to meet that furry beast and procure some candy.

The bunny was kind of  a "dirt-bunny", but, I mean, can you even get those costumes cleaned? Is that something a dry-cleaner does? I have actually spent a bit of time pondering this question but haven't gone as far as Googling for an answer. But I digress.

Today, EK once again brought up the Bunny. We discussed the Easter-mobile and its likely power source: jelly beans (but NOT Jelly Belly beans, those jerkwads). We also agreed that the Bunny is a pretty friendly guy. Then EK asked, "what about the bunny costume we saw?"

Say what?  Costume? Was he already questioning the existence of all these magical beings? The tooth fairy, fat man and the sneaky rabbit? Say it ain't so.

I prodded my kid for more details and was informed that it was in fact a costume we saw, however, the costume was worn by a magical hare.


People tell you that your kids grow up too fast. There are zillions of  blog posts that focus on treasuring this phase of development, and an equal number lashing out at those who seek to remind parents of the ephemerality of childhood.

To be honest, I don't read either; conversations like this with EK are enough of a reminder that when possible, I have stop and enjoy some of this magic because in only a few years, he will be filling his cousins' baskets and giggling at the absurdity of the whole thing.

I suppose I take solace in the fact that EK, like so many children,  is a curious spirit; there will always exist something that seems almost magical to him.  And, at the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, as an adult/parent, bearing witness to this level of pure wonder is a remarkable experience. On some level, the appreciation for such unabashed belief never really disappears.

So Easter or not, I hope everyone enjoys a little weird imaginative play and stays away from the dirtball bunnies. We are unclear if it's related to the above pictured hug, but our kid now has an itchy eyeball.

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