Caretaking Chronicles: Silver Linings

Excuse my week-long absence. Things got nuts. Like shitty-nuts, not awesome nuts. Like on a scale of nuttiness, where one is "eh, I didn't need that finger anyway" and 10 being "holy guacamole, that dude's head just exploded" - we were at like mach 40.

Sunday I received a call from Ho-Ho's supportive living folks alerting me to the fact that she was in a bad state. To summarize, she WAS IN A BAD state. So off to the ER we went.

Ten hours later, she was admitted, still not able to tell people her name, and giggled when the cute aide placed electrodes on her naked chest.  "Is this her new baseline?", I asked.  Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap. However, she could still communicate that she would rather me buy her a sandwich than take one from the ER menu.

She's ok now. Sort of. But better than Sunday and she still has her teeth. HOORAY FOR HO-HO! And for teeth!

So because it's much easier to focus on the negative, let's look for the good stuff, shall we?

photo1. Ho-Ho is alive. This is very good. She is also well enough to eat half a sandwich, offer me the other half and  immediately cover said sandwich with dirty Kleenexes.

2. Ho-Ho was just awarded FULL COVERAGE for her dental care. YES! Can you believe it? Thanks to Dental Life Line, she will get permanent chompers and we will get permanent (or close to it) relief from her incessant bitching and/or loss of teeth.  PRAISE BABY J!

The blue light I remember was on the tippy-top of a hospital building...but these reminded me of our nighttime visits to her in the late 80s.

The blue light I remember was on the tippy-top of a hospital building...but these reminded me of our nighttime visits to her in the mid- 80s.

3. Ho-Ho was born,  diagnosed with MS, and is now temporarily residing at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago. I remembered her first stay there (really her second stay, but I wasn't there when she was born). I called it the "blue light hospital" and was especially fond of the green Jello she so generously shared with me.

On Monday, she was not only able to tell me the month and date, but she once again shared her Jello. Jealous much? Nah nah.

4. I finally succumbed to the allure of dry shampoo and holy Hell, my dirtball status just fell by four notches. Amazing.

5. VEEP remains to be on of the funniest shows on television. If you aren't watching it, you are broken and I am so sorry for you.

6. Our gym now offers free daycare. While I appreciate that they will stare at my kid for zilch, I am more grateful for the guilt now associated with belonging to gym with free childcare. I have ZERO excuses to not get my ass in gear.

7. Ho-Ho is well enough to ask for: mascara, eye-shadow, black socks, UNSCENTED laundry pod thingies, and for me to get rid of the mob. No problemo, Senora.

30 years time

30 years time

8. It takes a little crisis to remind me just how much I appreciate my mom. And by a little, I mean even in her rough and tumble state, she continues to amaze me.

9. Oak Park is the only township that underwrites a mental health support program for folks deemed eligible to participate; those in Chicago need to obtain Medicaid to qualify. Ho-Ho for the win! Really, Ho-Ho's family for the win as we have successfully added another layer of assistance to her care plan.

However,  I do wish others could qualify as easily.

10. Friends -old and new- are the best. THE BEST. And it's good to write about this experience as there more people than I realized in a similar position.

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