Courtney Tye Was the Best Mom Her Son Will Never Know

My good friend Kate penned today's  post to honor her recently passed friend, Courtney Tye (Hooker).  For those reading, please share and consider donating to her newborn son's, Carter, expense and education fund by clicking here. And for all who knew her, strangers and loved ones alike will cherish and celebrate her memory. God bless.

You don’t know me, and you don’t know my lovely friend Courtney.c1

Courtney passed away last weekend due to complications from childbirth, leaving her husband and newborn son behind.  She was 30 years old.  This tragedy has touched many people, even those who never met her. A story of a young mother dying during childbirth is tragic and unfathomable.

A wildlifer who loved all things scaly, feathered, and furred, Courtney didn't hesitate to wade waist-deep in Florida muck to catch a snake or turtle. I worked alongside her for five years and can say unequivocally that Courtney was the best part of my job as a wildlife biologist. Everyone yearned to be around her endless positivity (and well-stocked candy jar). I took advantage of every opportunity to visit her office across town.

I learned so much from Courtney, as did the sometimes grizzled and skeptical landowners she assisted.  She was fearless and outdoorsy, but didn't deny her stylish side when she was off-duty from animal wrangling. Though, I suppose, Courtney was never truly off-duty.  On the way to her wedding rehearsal dinner, dressed in a strapless black dress, she halted a 10-car convoy so that she could check the status of a squirrel on the side of the road.

Courtney loved sweet tea, volleyball, and leaping out from hiding places to scare people.  She hated flying and never cursed, unless she was really mad, which was rare.  She sang along to the radio and prayed quietly to herself before each meal.  And she never proselytized, despite being very involved in her church.

c2 She met and fell in love with her husband on the job and I danced at their wedding, but not as much as Courtney.  No one danced as much as Courtney.  In 2012, she and her love married during a huge north Florida storm.  The power flickered, but Courtney's composure never followed suit; she’d go right back to dancing as soon as the music cranked up again.

March will mark their two-year wedding anniversary.

On February 1, Courtney gave birth to the most angelic little man, Carter Wayne.carter He has her nose.

Carter will never know the warmth of her arms, nor the comfort of being rocked to sleep by his mama. However, he will know Courtney through the countless friends, relatives, and colleagues who are all anxious to tell this sweet boy how amazing his mama was.

Carter will be loved, very well loved.  Loved by his sweet and grieving papa who adored Courtney with all that he had. Loved by Courtney’s  and his father’s families and by the countless friends and colleagues who are lucky enough to have known the rock star that was Courtney.

You don’t know Courtney, but I wish you could have, because she was the best there is.


Please share and consider donating to her newborn son's, Carter, expense and education fund by clicking here.


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