Give your kid's preschool teacher cold, hard cash this holiday

1. A few bones

2. Cash money

3. Gift cards

4. Dinero

5. Booze

When EK first started school I wrestled with this issue. Travel mug and fancy coffee? Manicure?  And then I got real. Maybe you think it's tacky to give one (or all) the above suggestions but these people deserve a night out on you. Seriously.


  • They put up with shenanigans around the clock.
  • They potty-train our kids.
  • They encourage kids to be creative by letting them play with glitter (witnessed yesterday).
  • They trick  our children into learning  teach our kids to read, write and do 'rithmatic through playing.
  • They deal with parental over-sharing,  eye-rolling, grunting and such when we are dropping off or picking up  our little boos. (THIS IS A BIG ONE! Why can't I ever shut up? They don't care about what Ellis had for dinner last night.)
  • They listen to our kids scream, " I can't make it stop!" when they are peeing all over the bathroom.
  • They spend all day loving our children.

Let's face it, daycare teachers are amazing people. Join up with a few other parents to increase the pot and hand those greenbacks over.

IMG_1145So this holiday season, while your sitting at home staring at bits of wrapping paper littered around your front room, and a kid in a sugar coma, think of his teachers out raising a glass of merlot or whatever those classy men and women drink and take solace in the fact that school is open on Monday.

***Update - if your kid has 12 teachers (what?!?!) , you are strapped or there are no other parents to go in with, a gift card, etc is obviously pretty tough for most (would break us!). Baked goods and a homemade card plus a thank you go a long way. And an optional high-five.


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