How to Kill Romance: Pose With Your Mom's Used Lingerie

Do you know what the most unromantic gift to give to your wife on your second, seventh anniversary (story to follow)? Gravel.


Loveydovey texts

OK, not really. I mean, I really didn't get the gravel. But I also forgot our anniversary for the second time this year. Yes, we have two anniversaries because we decided to get married twice in the same year. Once in Madison in June 2006 and again in Tucson in October.  Ho-Ho couldn't make it to the first shindig, so we brought it to her...with friends and family from across the country. It was wonderful.

blushing bride

blushing bride

And I forgot it. Again. Jeebus.

To maximize the romance in our relationship I sent this little ditty to Mr. Swirley on Friday...



...whilst cleaning out Ho-Ho's closet. Nothing says romance like your mom's used lingerie. YIKES. She did offer it up, and then I died. But not before taking the above photo.

In other news my kid LOVES Halloween.

He has his dad's cheekbones

He has his dad's cheekbones

We really class it up in the Swirley household.

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