A caretaker's quiz: Who said what?

For anyone who is a caretaker for their parent(s), they know it can sometimes be hilarious, tragic, or hilariously tragic (tragically hilarious?). Anyway,  it can also be VERY similar to taking care of a kid. Instead of actively bitching about the current state of affairs, I thought I would make it a game where I can passively bitch and try to laugh a little. Ready?

Rules: Guess to whom my comments are directed

Choose from:

A. Ho-Ho (mom)

B. EK (kid)

C. Ho-Ho & EK

Easy, right?  Ok, GO!


1. Please get your shoe-donning feet off of my wall.

2. Please wash your hands. (30 seconds later) Please wash your hands. (1o seconds later) No you didn't wash your hands - I didn't hear the water running.

3. You spent how much on a 2 oz. bottle of lotion? And you bought two? Using my credit card?

4. No, we can't just buy something because you want it.

5. Please wash your hands. Sweet mother of pearl, please.

6. Are you wearing underwear?

7. Did you just drink straight creamer?

8. Just because you have medicine doesn't mean you need to take an entire bottle. At once. For real.

9.  I am pretty sure cats can't talk.

10.  I don't think someone removed and resewed your hems in a different pattern. I am pretty sure you just gained a few lbs.

11. Can you please just take your medicine? As my birthday present?

12. Sure, go ahead and smear that sunscreen on the car's upholstery.

13. Why am I banging my head on the steering wheel?

14. No, seriously, I don't think cats can talk.

15.  Really, you speak french? Because those instructions are definitely written in the language of love.

16. (4 am) No, I cannot call the president.

17. Fine, cats can talk.

18.  I love you too.  Oh, you said "it looks like you are due"? *

19. Did you just wipe your nose on the couch?

20. I just checked your closet, again. There is no secret door for people to come in and out of your room.

----    Answers below ----

1=A / 2=B /3=A /4=C /5=B /6=C /7=A /8=C/9=C /10=A

11=A /12=A/ 13=C /14=C /15=A / 16=A / 17=C / 18=B (*ok, ok. He just said I looked pregnant) /19 =B / 20=C

How did you do? Even if you got them all wrong, you are coming out ahead! Congratulations!


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