Do you love your kid enough to tattoo a giant apple onto your ribcage?

Because I don't think I do. Last week, STFUParents posted a story about a  disturbed dedicated mom who got a tattoo (covering much of her rib-cage) of an apple immortalizing her daughter's toddler-sized bite marks. That got me to thinking, what other tattoos are parents sporting to honor their children?  Is this something I should be doing? Like putting infants to bed on their backs?

After conducting some very analytical Interweb research while watching TV, I can say with  little authority: Not a lot of produce tattoos out there. However, it seems that portraits are quite popular. Some bad, really bad. Some amazing.  But those aren't as fun to share because I am a jerk. Additionally, many parents are getting tattoos based on their kid's artwork,  which is pretty awesome if you are into body art.

Would you/have you gotten a tattoo with your child's name, birthday, picture, artwork etc? Do you love it?

And a big thank you STFUParents for serving as daily inspiration to neglectful multitasking parents like yours truly.

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Tags: babies, kids, tattoo, whoopsies

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