A sort-of "how to": DIY tufted ottoman tutorial

Well, we have established that I am cheap. I also want to be a crafty like all of those Pinterest biddies (this I am not so good at). This resulted in our week-long tufted table project. I love tufted items; I would tuft my face if that was possible. We have two tufted chairs, a tufted headboard and two pintuck (is that the inverse of tufting?) comforters. As I also love overkill, a table was in order.

We bought the table from a Chicago resale shop for $50(they have TONS of items, are happy to bargain and offer next day delivery for a very reasonable price). Then I researched how to make an cushiony soft ottoman from said table, bought some Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax that cost about one month's mortgage and hit up JoAnn Fabrics with coupons in  hand.

So we went from this

Little old Danish table

Little old Danish table

To this




Some lessons learned:

1. Check to see if the top of the table comes off BEFORE you start stapling. If it is removable, you can hide the staples. Good thing we learned that lesson once we were done stapling the crap out of the fabric.  Just don't look under the table and it's fine.

* I advise getting a table with a removable top to make the project a little easier (especially if you are newbies like us).

2. You can simultaneously hold a hammer, a staple gun and a glass of wine if you try hard enough.

3. You think you have enough coupons for JoAnn's? You don't. Find somewhere cheaper.

4. If you are lazy (or resourceful?) like us, you can hot glue the tops onto your buttons to try to limit them popping off the attached base.  The minute we moved the table upstairs, EK took a running start and slammed into that sucker like a linebacker into one of those football bag things.

5. 90s music on your jambox increases efficiency. It's a fact.  I mean, that is a general rule of thumb for any task.

6. I think two layers of batting might be a challenge to push through with the giant needle (it's seriously as big as the Trump Tower's spire), but worth it for a little extra cushioning.

7. Everyone says this... foam is spendy! We had no idea we could get it cut at the fabric table so we bought the entire roll (2.5 yards). We ended up using it all but if you have a narrower table, you don't need to pay for the roll...just ask the lady who already thinks you are an idiot because you don't know what a upholstery needle is ...to cut it.

Below is the sort-of  "how-to" part since I am basically linking to people who actually have their crap together. Hey! This is still easier than you searching on your own!

We found great directions for assembling the ottoman here, here and here (especially for help with the corners).

As for the Annie Sloan chalk paint, YouTube and/or other written tutorials were helpful...especially with regard to the wax. Check out the painting tutorial here and wax here. I can attest to the fact that the wax is bad ass.

As a general rule Mr. Swirley keeps me away from arts and craft activities for fear I will somehow kill him or myself. That said, I am pretty happy with our first little project. Next up is our crazy ass buffet.

In other news, it is supposed to snow 2-10" tomorrow. I am relieved forecasters can be so specific.

And I have yet to join a gym.

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