SweetCarendipity - What The?


Hey, who’s that B posing like a basic girl with a cute little cupcake ----->

Darnit I've got nothin, that’s me.

My name is Caren (sair-en) ((hence, SweetCARENdipity...ahhh.. Get it?)) And yes, yes I am a basic B.

A bit about me, the basic B, lil C, okay here:

I have lived in the Chicago area for all of my 25 years. Actually, just turned a quarter on the first day of spring #March20. Currently, I am working downtown <where my office view is a beautiful giant bean> for a technology & education company where I run an on-campus student internship program.

I just finished up working with CBS Radio (now Entercom) where I worked with Chicago’s B96 96.3 FM, and loved (mostly) every minute. I worked with a radio station while in college doing promotional marketing, and from there I realized I needed to find my place in the industry!

Jumping onto the mic lead to starting a podcast…hosting events....interviewing... and BOTTA-BOOM (my own spelling) I was in love. It was love at first … you got it:


SO anyway, you can read more about me and my oh so random life in my description :D For now, how about I give you a little fill-in on what my blog will entail.

I’ve mentioned marketing and radio, but what I have yet to tell you is that I am a total self-love junkie. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure Lori Harder (one of my fav podcasters) calls herself that in her podcast intro. Welp, sorry girl guess we have to start a junkie (the good kind) club.

I love self-help (and I ain't afraid to scream it). I love constantly LEARNING about myself, growing myself, and thennnn..sharing everything I’ve learned with others. I want everyone to live a life of love, that they love, and I love being the test dummy to figure it all out for you.

So what have I done with this love for, well, self-love? Basically I have turned it into a million and one different side projects - blogging, podcasting, event hosting, speaking, etc.

First, I feel like I should show you what I do to get my dose of self-love… just so you can see how this is basically my life and where my influences come from.

My typical day includes at least one minute + of each:

  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Mediation & prayer
  • Listening to a podcast of some sort
  • Breath work
  • Moving my body - yoga, pilates, weights, cardio, running, dancing, etc.
  • Consciously thinking

Other days include:

  • Nature
  • Nature
  • Nature
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Whatever I feel is calling me at that moment.

Now, I realize that the “every day” stuff is a lot of stuff to fit in to some of your days - I am fortunate in a way because I take a 40 minute train (peaceful train!) into the city for work every day. That means to the city + back home = 80 minutes of time to do something that will feed me in a way I want to be fed.

Side note - this is a choice of mine. I could spend time scrolling my phone, watching a movie, but it’s all all all a choice. Pretty much what I have trained myself to choose over the years.

Another PS - I said nature like a million times because I love nature and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Even now as I’m typing, I’m staring out the train window into the gloomy looking world (rainy day), watching a bird fly into pretty tree branches.

Can you tell I’m soft… yeah I can too. I’m okay with it.

Anyway, back to what you can expect from this column - I got a little off track.

#1: You can expect me to ramble (but hey, at least it’s “entertaining” rambling) (right).

#2: Basically, like I said, some (kidding.... a lot of) self-love. I hope to make this a positive, happy, insightful place for you to land. I hope to bring you new perspectives and happy reads. I hope to bring you laughs and advice.

Also something you may not expect, my writing is MUCH much for me too! We teach what we need the most, ever heard that? Writing is just oh so straight-up therapeutic for me. If I’m writing to you about comparison, you betta bet that I need some comparison therapy for myself.

#3: You can expect Q&A’s - think an anonymous advice column (you can submit questions to carendecesaris@gmail.com) where you can submit your own “ask me” personal questions. These can be on any topic, and are totally anonymous. Possible topics?

  • Relationship advice - romantic, friendships, family, etc.
  • Financial advice
  • Career advice
  • Mental clarity <advice>
  • Judgement advice
  • Whatever advice

#4: YOU can expect no where near perfect grammar or sense-making. I'm typing from da heart yo. So, read at your own free will <3

#5: Annnddd I repeat, I want this to be a safe place to land. A place to gain clarity and positivity in your days.

I hope to serve you well, and if you have any topic suggestions or questions, please submit here (yes, I duplicated that so that you WILL submit… I know you have something you want from me….take it).

Welp, that is all my friends. I’m excited to be here with you Chicago! Meantime, let's get social.

Find me, here:



**www.carendecesaris.com (soon to come)

**carendecesaris@gmail.com --------- Submit anonymous questions/topic requests here! (or any other inquires:) )


Have a shiny day, watch some pretty birds in pretty trees, and we shall talk soon.





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