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Horsemeat Scandal

So, I am sure we have all heard about the horse meat scandal – honestly just add it to the mad cow, the salmonella, and the arsenic…BUT I mean that’s just one cynical veggie’s opinion. Lets talk about it: (I have been reading CNN website, and listening to NPR. Consult these sources for further detail,... Read more »

Nebraska and the Keystone XL Pipeline

President Obama gave his second inaugural speech yesterday, it was a well written and not surprisingly a well spoken little nugget… As I listened I waited for mention of the environment, and it came! It washed in on high tides, and delivered a promise for making strides and being held accountable as a nation, a... Read more »

Working out with the Enviornment: Late New Year Resolutions

I am late to the 2013 New Year resolution making party but WHATEVER, I’m here now, and like Ke$ha “the party don’t start till I walk in”. So, what’s new? Well I have had a wake up call that is cold and harsh and goes by the mean name of reality. I got sick, more... Read more »

Holiday Conversations with Relatives

So, It is not yet 2013; I am on break and have realized that I need to restart my whole sustainable effort…you know try to be a better citizen and a useful human being. I sit here with a dreadful cold in my pajamas and I have been laying in bed literally ALL DAY. But... Read more »

How to survive the Holidays

1. Ignore all your goals. There I solved all your problems you are welcome. No but in reality, that’s what I have done and I am still alive so presto, except I guess with the New Year coming up I should stop hiding….Shit alright I’ll own up, my old cereal non-organic habits have found their way back... Read more »

Facebooking the Environment

I think people have forgotten how to live. How to communicate with other people has become a lesson in social media. Facebook,  iPhone, Twitter, Tumblr…there is a never ending list of ways to take yourself out of actual human contact. I mean we are definitely a connected generation don’t get me wrong that isn’t the problem, the... Read more »

Starting Over

What I have discovered. When I have little money it is hard to stick to my goals. When I am sick it is hard not to use Kleenex. When it is almost time to decide what my career path will be it is hard. At Thanksgiving I talked about sustainability, and how I find the agriculture industry and food systems my... Read more »

Trash Talk

Waste. So far, I have not carried around a towel to compensate my paper towel use after washing my hands; but, instead of being thwarted by forgetfulness I figure my jeans, t shirt, or coat always work as a stand in hand dryer. And as I become more conscientious about my trash contribution I am... Read more »

Election Win

Jan Schakowsky Elizabeth Warren Claire McCaskill and of course Obama. And we’re off. Last night were some big wins for women and for the environment (way to go Congresswoman Schakowsky) As a woman, and an environmentally concerned citizen I am happy. Happy to see what is in store for this country, and hopeful about the... Read more »

Superstorm Sandy : an Environmental Crisis

Oops, I haven’t written in quite sometime…Lets get back on track. So goals are: reduce the carbon footprint of a middleclass Loyola bio girl, aka yours truly. So far moderately successful. Not great, but then again I set some big goals that I knew I wouldn’t achieve. I am a little discouraged not going to... Read more »