So this summer I read No Impact Man- it was a solid read and I appreciated the effort Colin Beavan made; however, I am poor. No, ok not poor, I have an apartment and bills that I pay on time, and groceries in the fridge and even the occasional bottle of wine on hand. So I am middle class, and I can usually ask my mom to supply a few bucks or a couple boxes of cereal between pay checks. But, the point is I am not well off and I do not have the resources Mr. Beavan had so throughout the book I was thinking, this is great but how could I- 19 credit hours, 2 part time jobs, solidly middle class American student do anything close to this? Well the answer is I don't. I fail. I use toilet paper, electricity, paper towels, and the washing machine. But can I change at least a little- of course, and I am not helpless just because I have to do my  homework, I am pretty sure I figure out how to be a student with not that big of income and an environmentally friendly girl. Am I going to have no impact? Probably not. But it is possible to not fall prey to the variety of convenient excuses that keep me from being aware of the planet I live on and need to respect.

So here I am trying to be a sustainable student. Hope you Enjoy!