Horsemeat Scandal


I am sure we have all heard about the horse meat scandal - honestly just add it to the mad cow, the salmonella, and the arsenic...BUT I mean that's just one cynical veggie's opinion.

Lets talk about it: (I have been reading CNN website, and listening to NPR. Consult these sources for further detail, or hell Google horsemeat and you'll find about a million hits)

So a producer who had beef products in UK, France, and Sweden has been implicated for using horsemeat in the marketed "beef" products. That is the UK, France, and Sweden...and like those countries are totally isolated so horsemeat is just plaguing them.

Oh wait, no add the Czech Republic to the list, why? Because of those warm steamy IKEA balls of meat, yep those balls got meat- horsemeat that is.  SO, does this make us raise our eyebrows? Turn our stomach perhaps. I mean you probably wouldn't KNOW if you were eating the horsemeat combo. It obviously has similar taste. SO whatever. WHATEVER- who cares? We do for the next year- maybe and then what? Then it becomes an archived news story.

The bottom line is we don't know what we are eating. We don't, not even in the United States. I am of course talking about GMOs. If we label "organic" food, and we slap on a label for "fair trade" why not GMO? And if it is not bad for you then we will continue to consume, and companies shouldn't shroud themselves in secrecy. Secrecy leads to suspicion and if we are paying for something we are putting into our bodies we deserve to know what that substance is- we deserve to know who and what we are supporting.

There aren't enough rules, and regulations and this is just an example of a much MUCH bigger problem we have with not only our food system in the market but also on the farm.

Right now I rant, and I try to buy organic, and fair trade coffee. I still drink Diet 7-UP, but hell at least I know I won't be eating horse meat with my salad tonight.



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