Working out with the Enviornment: Late New Year Resolutions

I am late to the 2013 New Year resolution making party but WHATEVER, I'm here now, and like Ke$ha "the party don't start till I walk in".

So, what's new? Well I have had a wake up call that is cold and harsh and goes by the mean name of reality. I got sick, more poor, and highly overwhelmed with personal things this past semester that putĀ  road blocks in my sustainable effort. And like most things 20 something year olds start I was SUPER ENTHUSED at first and became increasingly more apathetic as the months progressed.

I can blame my age, or my circumstances but ultimately who cares? Time to startĀ  anew.

This semester I am focusing my efforts on one goal: Be more conscious, AND waste less. My main efforts are food and I will be blogging about grocery shopping, the two books I am reading: "Plenty" and "The Omnivore's Dilemma" , and of course how we need to change our general food system, and mindset. Just two days ago I cleaned out my fridge and threw out lots of old containers of take out food, and TWO not one but TWO cartons of eggs FULL that have been sitting there since the beginning of the academic school year... When I confronted my roommate about it (the one I know bought them) she said they weren't hers...Really cause 3 months ago when they were still good you told me to use them for baking because you couldn't finish them all.


There is a point: We need to know what is in our fridge, especially young people. We buy all these groceries and then end up getting take out. JUST DON'T BUY THE GROCERIES. Accept who you are and if you are busy or don't want to make food then don't buy it. Let's be real- I use paper towels THERE I SAID IT. And next year with my new roommate and my convictions I plan on never buying a roll of paper towels. But for right now I recognize I use them, they are convenient and right now at 21 I live for convenience 90% of the time. The other 10% I will be finding grocery stores and buying "in season" produce... aka squash for the next couple months- unless of course our quirky weather pattern turns up some warm fronts to eff the crops I will accept I won't be buying strawberries til June...and if I cave and need an apple because that is my weakness I will buy organic even if it is .80/lb more.

And those are my current feelings.

My resolutions:

Buy Organic. Buy In Season. Support local business in all forms- coffee houses that aren't Starbucks to cucumbers harvested by Loyola students.

Get an internship in Environmental Research. Farming. Reform. Or Energy...before graduation.

Workout because it releases endorphins makes you happy, and then you won't buy a Snickers bar which is bad for you and supports no previous goal in any way.

Turn off your radiator before leaving the apartment, and ALL LIGHTS, and electronics.

Don't climb too far up on your horse, it gets lonely and the farther you go the more likely you will break multiple things when you fall.

What are your resolutions? Meat only 1X a week? No more non-organic dairy? Switching to candlelight? Not updating every electronic ever the second a new version comes out?

Feel free to share!

-Love your Satisfied Student-



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