Nebraska and the Keystone XL Pipeline

President Obama gave his second inaugural speech yesterday, it was a well written and not surprisingly a well spoken little nugget... As I listened I waited for mention of the environment, and it came! It washed in on high tides, and delivered a promise for making strides and being held accountable as a nation, a leader for pathways toward sustainability. He mentioned that new sustainable energy, and technologies will bring new jobs, as well as help build our future and protect generations to come from the terrible consequences that are unavoidable if we continue down the denial, or fear, or resistance to change.


Now today comes the news that the Governor of Nebraska has signed off on the new Keystone XL pipeline, a pipeline that President Obama previously rejected because of it interfering with sensitive areas, mainly the Ogallala Aquifer. After hearing this news and reading the article by John M. Broder in NYtimes Green Blog,  I am a little weary. (To read that article and more about the route: )

So the president says lets get behind action, well here ya go- a gold platter for you to prove we are serious, but more importantly it isn't just about showing we are serious about climate change by not allowing a pipeline to endanger an important aquifer, it is about doing this and so much more. It is long term change. It is about that little girl President Obama mentioned in his speech that is born into a poor community, that has more of a chance of developing asthma because we like to stick pollution plants in low income neighborhoods. It is about her actually being able to live in that poor environment without the threat of malnutrition, or asthma , or dare I mention gun violence.

We are not equal, not yet. Should we be- yes of course. But just because she is American does not mean she will have any chance, not unless we make a conscious effort to clean up our act quite not just redistribute our wealth but also our health.

So this is where we are at, four more years. I am hopeful. I am 21 and it is silly not to be hopeful, because without a little optimism it'd be too hard to get out of bed...and with my newly diagnosed plantar faciitis getting out of bed is already hard enough!

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