How to survive the Holidays

1. Ignore all your goals.

There I solved all your problems you are welcome.

No but in reality, that's what I have done and I am still alive so presto, except I guess with the New Year coming up I should stop hiding....Shit alright I'll own up, my old cereal non-organic habits have found their way back into my life along with forgetting to exercise and being perpetually cranky.

Ooops. I'm not really certain that the holidays bring out the best in people, they usually bring out strep throat in me.

I think we should all  do less, and stop operating under the false cloak of "doing it for other people". Admit it, you aren't making those G-Damn cookies for little Molly, you are doing it because if you didn't you would feel like there was something missing. But no one WANTS a sugar cookie with 10 lbs of decorations and no one wants their kid to eat a 10000 grams more of sugar. Lets be less wasteful, and if it is tradition to make 30 sugar cookies and 2 pies and a chocolate cake then change the tradition, throw away less, and alleviate a tad bit of stress.  That goes for presents too.

MY GOODNESS THE AMOUNT OF STUFF WE ALL HAVE, myself included. I don't NEED anything. Food, I guess. I do need food, lets give each other a little pass on all the shit we purchase for one another. I am not saying don't buy anything, I get it- sometimes a little something that says I am thinking of you is nice, but also find value in spending time with loved ones, and expressing yourself through a really great letter, some of my most valued presents are cards and not the hallmark ones.

These are generic tips but ones I feel like can't be said enough especially with the impending doom of the world ending, oh wait I guess that already happened a couple weeks ago right? Hmmm looks like I am behind in my posts.

Look for my next post about the fun filled energy discussion I had Christmas eve with the fam, and of course a New Years resolution post that will include oh I don't know...WRITING MORE.

Sorry for the short and disorderly thoughts...I have a hot date with my friend Anne, and although I have been a terrible blogger as of late due to life, and jobs, and finals, I have also been an equally terrible friend.

so- till next time-

-Scattered Student

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