Holiday Conversations with Relatives


It is not yet 2013; I am on break and have realized that I need to restart my whole sustainable know try to be a better citizen and a useful human being. I sit here with a dreadful cold in my pajamas and I have been laying in bed literally ALL DAY.

But we have a new start coming....2013. And a lot of new energy options being discussed as well as a neat new Hollywood movie with Matt Damon about fracking which brings me to the holiday conversations mentioned in the title.

What is Fracking: look it up. I am no expert and posting about it I feel like I will not do it justice, nor justice to the dangers attached to the process.

In short it is a process of pumping fluid underground at high pressure to fracture  rock and extract oil/gas.

And it is the energy that my Stepfather chose to endorse on Christmas Eve while we were engaging in a lively debate brought on by his suggestion of using paper plates.

And we're off. Here I am arguing that paper causes waste- unnecessary waste; we have plates in the cabinet. We do not need to create more garbage ESPECIALLY during the holidays when all we do is create waste. And YES paper plates can USUALLY be recycled, and yes we must use water to wash the real plates but we had to use water and energy to make those plates and we must use more energy to recycle the plates, and honestly I don't think that it is comparable, because we have these plates that we can use over and over again, dare I say they are sustainable? And these paper plates are not.  I mean I think we can agree on that front.

This debate turned into a green energy debate...well discussion not debate. And mind you this is the Christmas party with my stepfather's family, who I am really just formally meeting because last year I was not in attendance of the party. They are wonderful people and I was trying not to be overly environmental, and I was also trying to not climb too high on top of my vegetarian horse.

So green energy, I vocalized our need to subsidize green energy and have a subsidies plan in the same way we give money to the oil companies, and yes we gave lots of money to green energy companies and it was pointed out how they "went under" well yes it is true that many faltered and some filed for bankruptcy but I am not entirely buying that we gave them the attention or the backing that is given to oil. Of course we didn't because we are in the pockets of the oil companies, and the American people are not yet ready to wake up and smell the stolen coffee.

My step father's solution was that these big oil companies should be giving part of their profit to green energy, because they are taking in so much and need to look into the future investment our world is sure to make in green energy.

I don't know what will happen but my mom started suggesting we talk about something less controversial like religion!

When religion is less of a hot button topic I think its a hint to eat cake, and take a champagne break.

-Snotty Student-

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