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So far, I have not carried around a towel to compensate my paper towel use after washing my hands; but, instead of being thwarted by forgetfulness I figure my jeans, t shirt, or coat always work as a stand in hand dryer. And as I become more conscientious about my trash contribution I am also becoming more aware and annoyed at the extreme waste around me...especially food waste.

Throwing out the mountain of food that has gone bad in my fridge alone makes me upset and annoyed, and I am not angel I certainly fall prey to bigger eyes than stomach syndrome. It is more time consuming to go grocery shopping every week, but it is expensive both to our pocket books and planet to buy in bulk and then just toss it because you eat out more than you want to acknowledge. Also can we all just decide left overs are the best...please? It is great- SAVE THE FOOD ON YOUR PLATE, because although it will not help feed the starving children in Africa it diminishes our ever growing pile of shit. And that's what the problem is- its all shit. Whether it is bull shit or actual waste shit, we need to peel open our diamond encrusted eyes and recognize we live in a world that is degrading. Natural disasters are not the only thing in store if we continue this path, we will not have access to water, our air and our food are becoming ever more toxic and it is a direct result of the choices we make as a people and as a government.

We need to demand better.

I'm writing a paper for my theology of moral problems the topic our ecological crisis, yeah I am writing a paper can you tell my high horse is properly saddled? But regardless, in said paper we are to propose our "big idea" our solution to whatever ecological problem we pin point. And although it may not be rational I propose a dramatic change in our food system. THIS ISN'T NEWS, I am sure you have heard of Michael Pollan, and Wendell Berry well folks I am jumping on that band wagon because we need to revolutionize the farm and stop separating development from sustainability.  Technology and mass production is great to a certain extent but now we need to deal with the repercussions of our meat oriented society, and our mono crop culture. We need to treat the land well if we want to continue to thrive...

I'm sorry was I supposed to be talking about waste?

Well it is all one big blob in my mind, our wastefulness is a reflection of our lack of consciousness to those around us, those who are easy to step on, those that are easily forgotten; but soon we are all going to be stepped on...I mean the rising instances of cancer in all populations is terrifying and I am not saying stopping pesticides equals eradicating cancer, but I think if we stop spraying our food, and contaminating our ground water with known carcinogens we probably have a better chance at life.

That was a long winded spiel.

But don't worry if we screw up Earth there is always the moon!

-Snippy Student

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