Superstorm Sandy : an Environmental Crisis

Oops, I haven’t written in quite sometime…Lets get back on track.

So goals are: reduce the carbon footprint of a middleclass Loyola bio girl, aka yours truly. So far moderately successful. Not great, but then again I set some big goals that I knew I wouldn’t achieve. I am a little discouraged not going to lie. I feel like I don’t have time, and I am so tired ALL THE TIME. I don’t know if I mentioned but I got a holiday job at Macys as a fairy princess.  Its real I promise. No seriously, I am a fairy princess and I get paid for it. BUT the problem becomes 3 part time jobs+full time school= cranky chocolate eating, cereal buying student NOT sustainable student.

I said I was going to keep an eye out on my garbage impact. And I have. Conclusions: I need to carry around a hanker chief, and a towel to dry my hands, usually I don’t reach for the paper towels but I do occasionally and it adds up, when it’s so easy to just whip out a cloth! So far that is the new development. I am still buying organic and local and right now my dilemma is FARMERS MARKETS…they have closed except for the year round ones which since so far I have worked 7d/wk I haven’t gotten a chance to do my calculus let alone go on an adventure to a market.  And as the holidays approach I will only get MORE busy not less…These are all empty excuses though because especially with recent events and an upcoming election the environment can not be a thing to be put on the back burner. If I throw my hands up and say I am too busy, then I am little better than the government making excuses, economy, culture, coal coal coal, oil oil oil it’s all the same excuse: not wanting to put in the effort, and resources to figure it out; but, the effort to figure it out now is going to be a whole lot less scary than when we don’t have clean water.

And although Sandy has passed the aftermath is great. These recent events with Sandy should make us think. It should make us reevaluate our impact. Someone from New York I was talking to refered to it as “an act of God” which I can only imagine the nightmare, and terror that these people experienced and are still trying to grapple with. However, it is important to recognize that Sandy was not “an act of God”, this was a product of the environmental crisis we have contributed to…contributed to significantly, especially in the United States.  It was a disaster and one that doesn’t need to be one in the future if we make sure our sea levels don’t continue to rise, if our polar ice caps stop melting, and if we make a real push toward reducing our carbon footprint, and disturbance of the natural world.  In my evolution class my professor, a New York City native, made the comment: “sea levels are rising, why we have so much water- didn’t get that way from people spitting in the ocean.”

My thoughts are with the people of New York. And with such a disaster hitting us here in the United States and impacting countless families it makes me more certain of our peril need for change.

Conclusions? I will continue to make my small contribution of trying to figure out how to live as an accountable citizen.

So-so Student

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