Starting Over

What I have discovered. When I have little money it is hard to stick to my goals. When I am sick it is hard not to use Kleenex. When it is almost time to decide what my career path will be it is hard.

At Thanksgiving I talked about sustainability, and how I find the agriculture industry and food systems my passion...then I realized how truly little I know about the food industry and agriculture. I know what any semi coherent likes to think she is up on things 20 something year old knows.

We are Effed.

Things need to change.

Great...and so what? I started a blog and realized I don't know how to do this on a budget...GRRR I refuse to fail though. WE NEED TO HAVE COLLEGE FRIENDLY OPTIONS. By that I mean we need to have cheaper food that isn't industrialized farming food, and yes I know beans are cheap yum; but a girl who is gluten free with digestive sensitivity problems can't eat beans all the time. I am talking about giving money to organic growers and veggies and fruits and is this all too pie in the sky?

We have cheap food because of farm subsidies and government help. We need cheaper options that won't give us cancer.

Fair warning to whoever lives with me next year: we are going to have to grow something even if it is just mint I can't complain about EVERYTHING it is too annoying and I think if I at least grow something I can consume I will feel like a more productive citizen. At the same time a vision of me being able to have a small farm and produce whatever I needed flashed through my mind- ah bliss. BUT WAIT I am trying to figure out how to live in this world, in this city, as an active member of society I am not trying to see if I can live in my own little world and take myself out of the system I am trying to see if I can live a sustainable lifestyle IN the system...on a budget...with a calc exam...and 3 part time jobs.

Maybe I am asking too much, but it is only because I feel like we ask far too little of ourselves 99% of the time. Myself included. and we need to step up to the plate-literally.

Uncomfortably yours,



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