Facebooking the Environment

I think people have forgotten how to live.

How to communicate with other people has become a lesson in social media.

Facebook,  iPhone, Twitter, Tumblr...there is a never ending list of ways to take yourself out of actual human contact. I mean we are definitely a connected generation don't get me wrong that isn't the problem, the problem lies with what we are connected TO.

We are glued to our keyboards *ahem I fully recognize the irony as I sit here typing with my phone next to me and Facebook open on another tab*

But I mean honestly how many times have you almost gotten hit my a car walking across the street while texting?

How many times have you almost HIT someone with your car driving while tweeting? Hashtag closecall

If the environment had a Facebook it would have a lot more friends.

People would like it a lot more. Maybe even pay attention to it? Browse some photos of the destruction and be alarmed, of the beauty and be touched.

We are idiots with our iPhone 5 re-Tweeting whatever Robert Pattinson pulls out of his butt and shares with the world. Leopold was right with his theory that we need to have an experience with nature to appreciate and respect it, we can be told where our food comes from but instead we should see the process- we should have an experience with growing. I thought I was a kick ass vegetarian 20 whatever know it all and then I stayed on an organic farm for a mere month and I recognize now how little I knew...How little I know. SO MUCH WORK GOES INTO PUTTING THAT SALAD ON YOUR PLATE, so much destruction for that damn McDonald's hamburger. We need to be connected to what matters, and when water is being privatized, mountains are being blown up, and our Ozone is in danger what matters is not TMI Tuesdays on Tumblr.

Sincerely Your

Soapbox Student

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