Presidential Debate, and other disappointments

This debate was not as painful as the last, and a whole lot more dynamic.

Who thought there was gonna be a throw down during multiple points in the debate? Anyone... Yeah thought so, ME.TOO.

But I was working, hostessing and going in and out and up and down so the debate didn't get my full attention. As a consequence I re watched most of it instead of doing my homework, stop yelling at me Robert(boyfriend) and accept that I will forever procrastinate and always complain about it.

I think my time was well spent, because like educating myself about the environment and what I am consuming, I also think it is important to know who is running our country, or who might be in the future. Too many people say they won't vote because IL isn't a "swing state", so  it doesn't matter? I find this argument parallel to the argument that I am only one person, who has many privileges one of which is that I live in a relatively clean place, with clean water, and access to food BUT I am still just one person and there are billions of people who are dying from hunger, and the global warming thing is still going to happen if I recycle, so what can I ultimately change? You are an educated person, you live in an environment and you contribute to its well-being- we are all just one person, so apathy is ultimately unattractive and destructive. Blah blah blah though, right?

Back on track:  One issue  that I believe has been talked around, which I know is a theme in these presidential campaigns because...oh I don't know, politics. BUT, one topic is sustainability. The issue was touched on with energy reform, but what about agricultural reform? Didn't we just have some sort of Farm Bill debacle?  I would have liked to see more talk on this issue, and I would have liked to have seen more action these past years, but there is only so much to do and I have a smidgen of faith that Obama will address these problems while I have little to no faith Romney would. Now I am not a political expert, and I am almost certain neither are you, but feel free to comment and challenge any and all things I spout from this very large horse I am saddled upon.

Don't get me wrong I did enjoy the energy portion of the debate, I re-watched it a couple times, my biggest laugh was that Obama referenced clean coal...coal is coal is coal is coal. Level with me here, it's like saying we have developed a "healthy Twinkie" . We can't eat healthy Twinkies and expect to sustain ourselves. BUT, props to Obama for mentioning green energy, and wind energy and saying it is necessary for our future; because it is...Becoming energy dependent by increasing offshore drilling, bringing in the Canadian pipeline, and opening more coal plants is like feeding us a milkshake of Twinkies,  Reeses, and Pringles and saying you got your major food groups: fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Which is...worrisome.

Ok my political horse is tired.

In other news, I threw out my back the other day from dance and was carrying my backpack which on average is ~25lbs+another bag of shizz, so I (this is painful to admit) I took the elevator. DAMN IT... there, ARE YOU HAPPY? I said it...I was disgusted with myself because it was to floor 4 and as I exited I looked around to make sure no one saw me because I was so ashamed. Then I thought to myself well, no one saw me so it doesn't count right? And I immediately decided I had to confess to the crime not because I am honest but because the next day I was lazy and did the same thing...CURSES only this time I rode it with another girl who got off at 2...TWO, and since I was only taking it to four I couldn't be enraged- and I revel in being angry and feeling superior! SO moral of the story I am not taking that electric box again because I want to be able to look at those people and feel better about myself while simultaneously working out my glutes- BAM two for one deal on being awesome.

Alright...I'm done.

-Slightly Cocky Student-

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