Grocery Store Confessional Weeks 2-3

As I scrape my hand to gather the crumbs of my cereal I realize my 80% goal may have been a bit lofty. However, perhaps not...I didn't really BUY a whole lot the past couple weeks, but I have been fed by people like my mother and boyfriend soooo I don't think it counts as a success.

Oct. 1st: LOYOLA FARMERS MARKET! as I recall I bought arugula, a daikon radish, and celery...which if I remember correctly I ate the entire bunch of celery in one night due to study stress which then subsequently became intestinal distress...sorry library goers for farting, or ahem passing gas for 4 straight hrs.

DISCLAIMER: Week two is not going to be accurate because I fell behind in all things, school, working out, being a nice person, cleaning (sorry to any and all who have seen my room or live with me), and of course blogging. Because of the lack of posting I also have a lack of memory...I am thinking I bought diet 7up, but since rent was due that week I had little to no spending money which means my lack of will power was balanced by my lack of cash! And thus I feel less awful about my lack of memory.

SO, lets just start with Week 3:

Sunday: October 7th:

Went to breakfast, got a $9 Greek scramble and didn't inquire about organic or local...It is an environmentally conscious place (used to waitress there like 4yrs ago) BUT I do not know about where they get their $9 will fall in the cheating category.

ALSO went to Pinkberry and got a take home container of frozen yogurt...yeah that happened, it would have been ~$11 if I had paid aka I worked there a few months ago and got a lil discount called free.

Monday: Oct. 8th:

FARMER'S MARKET: Decided I was RICH (hey bumping into my father at breakfast pays off, thank you $20) Bought lots of goodies:

Arugula (technically I ran out of cash and my bf had to pick up the tab on that-whoops) - $3

2 bunches Radishes+celery- $4.50

Soup: Spark of the Heart, this business is basically all good things and I'm waiting for the scandal because OH MY GOSH no one is this awesome. They make their soups with local ingredients, it is packaged by the mentally handicapped, and for every X amt of soups they sell they donate one to a local women's shelter for abused women and children who are building a new life. DAMN now that's philanthropy. Spent $8 on that and it was WORTH IT.

Gluten free, Vegan goodie- $1.50

Wisconsin Cheese Curds- $5

Pretty solid day.


Box of cereal and cream cheese, went to Aldi and got sucked in...oops. $5

Luna Bars...70% organic ingredients...still on the fence about the organic thing vs. local and I am trying to transition to maybe, MAYBE doing a combo of organic/local eating...but is that a cop out? I still have to decide...$5

Now it is Friday. I also consumed some kick ass apples that were DEFINITELY organic, because I ate one in the drawer that looked like a perfect shiny zero bruises and plastic looking, aka pesticide filled apple and then ate a smaller, not steroid apple that LOOKED like a fruit that had grown outside. And the taste was SO CLEAR sweeter, juicer, more satisfying- organic. So I had those + organic Greek yogurt and not organic chocolate covered almonds...and wine over the course of the week which although not paid for by moi still were eaten by yours truly.

SO the total in dollars?

Cheats: $26.50 ( I added all the obvious cheats+30% of $5 for Luna bars)

Local OR organic: $25.50

Not great this week...DAMN YOU FROZEN YOGURT.

Alright some reforms...? I am thinking of doing a combo of organic and local. My beef with organic is that sometimes these big name organic businesses are using chemicals that are just "organic approved" and they are just as big, and just moderately less detrimental to the environment. So my primary focus is still local, but with local you can still buy pesticide farmer's goods that are definitely detrimental to the environment BUT you are supporting your local economy and you are promoting local farming which is essential if we are going to change our food system. We are going to need MORE (small scale) farmers. ARGH...this thing is hard. Especially hard when you have little time, lots of work, and feel like a bipolar gnome controls your digestive system.

BUT I am doing it because it is hard and it makes me think about EVERYTHING and what really is BETTER and what does better mean? Next development in this whole sustainability thing: start keeping track of my garbage impact. I am going to use what I normally do for the next week and then report back and strategize for lowering my impact on the stink front.

For now I think I need to find time to get to one of those grocery stores I mentioned in previous posts as well as a few markets, I'm thinking indoor markets will be my best bet come late fall! I need a grocery list and a few easy recipes (any good gluten free veggie cooks out there wanna chime in?) I have heard corn tortillas are all I need is local masa harina, should be easy to find in IL.

I'll keep up with this whole life thing this week...hopefully. Keep an eye out for my Garbage post and other Confessions this week:

-Confused Student-



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