Grocery Store Confessional

This week I think I succeeded in one thing: spending lots of money on local/organic food. HOWEVER, this is not a study into how someone who just got paid and has no self control can be environmentally friendly it is how a student with moderate finances can be environmentally responsible.

I think I may be doing local + organic  eating because YES I want to support the local food movement but I am also concerned about the growing number of pesticides we spray on our food, and the laziness and lack of knowledge that surrounds  how to eat healthy both for our bodies and for Mother Nature. So I am still going to work toward getting to 100% "green" eating i.e. no Chex cereal; and a new stipulation will be that buying organic doesn't give me free reign to buy bananas in December, I will continue to work toward eating seasonal fruits and veggies because part of the problem is that we have grown spoiled and want what we want right now no matter what (myself included).

SO spiel over, down to the numbers.

Sunday market 10/14: APPLES, COLLARD GREENS, and SQUASH, oh my! $7 total- all organic and all local from the farm run in Michigan (100 miles away) that  one of the Heartland Cafe owner's has, this is the farm that the restaurant tries to get most of its produce from, and since I work there I got a discount woot woot!

Also on Sunday I spent $14 at the Growling Rabbit on 2 cookies (gluten free/vegan moon pies) and coffee they support local business and farms and get their ingredients locally so although I don't regret spending the money I slightly regret eating two cookies.

Monday Loyola Market: LAST MARKET, sad. SIGH because I was sentimental I bought Turnips, Arugula (for both me and the boy friend, although I owed him a bag from last week) Radishes, Celery, and a Gluten Free treat which I asked about her ingredients and she gets them from her garden/her mothers garden and local farmers some of which sell at the Loyola market: cool! All in all: $12

I have enough food... Also my lovely boyfriend decides to feed me all week with a combo of the market food and also some food in the fridge.  Although I didn't purchase the fridge food and its his I am still partaking in non-organic/local food. Soooo...minus points on the scale, but I have a policy if it has already been bought and is going to go to waste I will climb off my high horse and delight in the treat.

Fast forward to Saturday: I have a mental breakdown and freak out about my tests/quizzes and the 6days a week work schedule I have taken on...I run to Newleaf Natural Grocery after training at Macy's walnut room to hostess. I buy $16 worth of food all organic and one bag of corn chips made locally in IL. Three of those dollars are only 70%  organic because they are Luna bars! so $15.10 is in the good buy category and .90 is out...lets round to $1.

Also at some point between Sunday and Saturday I bought two sparkling flavored waters and ... you guessed it: a box of cereal. OH also 2 Greek yogurts because I freaked out about getting protein: Saturday I bought organic yogurt though: so we're of evil CVS buys: $8

SUNDAY LAST GLENWOOD MARKET: More Apples, and Tofu! also a pumpkin for that kid I date. $10

Oh me oh my the spending...also at Glenwood I had an excellent sample of a gluten free- (possible organic?) baked good and I fell in love. Definitely going to look up that adorable business and order food I don't need some time at 2am when I am sad and procrastinating.

Alright folks gotta go to here are the totals:

$58 of local and organic food...Mom I promise I have money to pay my rent still

$9 of boxed evils.

= 86.6% Local/Organic...WIN for me, lose for my wallet.

Until next time

Late Student

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