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So recently at work I was approached hostilely about my vegetarianism.  Which, if you are a vegetarian you should be well versed in, people (usually family) roll their eyes and do not understand why you won't eat the soup they made with the ham bone in it. Sorry Grandma, no I do not eat fish, chicken broth, or even turkey on Thanksgiving. I like to think of myself as a conscientious veggie girl, as in I do not scream and cry and throw up my nose if people  do not have a vegetarian option for me.  I am gluten intolerant as well, so I am used to people staring at me when I describe my diet. BUT, this person approached me with the argument people NEED meat to survive, and that no  culture or civilization of people were vegetarians.

Alright. Well SIR, that's pretty much the everyone else is doing it argument. Which I do not partake in, also plenty of religious groups practice  vegetarianism. But lets not just throw punches. I (somewhat) politely let him know that I was a vegetarian because of the wastefulness that surrounds the meat industry, not to mention the cruelty to both people and animals. He looked at me and said that crops are equally if not worse for the environment than factory farming. I don't really know by who's standards we would judge that, but we have to eat and we can't cut out grain, vegetables, fruits, and animal products because then all we have is the chemically created things like Twinkies and even those use corn (high fructose woot woot), so I chose what I can eliminate: meat. Also we do not feed our vegetable crops or our wheat crops 10-16lbs of grain to give us 1 lb of actual food we can eat; which is essentially what we do with animals. We feed animals pounds of grain to yield 1 lb of meat. Also in these factory farms there is a HUGE waste problem, and I mean literal waste that is literally huge- piles upon piles of shit. So we have many problems with our agriculture model, and we have to address them all eventually but part of me reducing my carbon foot print is not to starve myself and boycott all food, but instead be mindful of what I eat.

Is my grocery list without hamburger going to change the world, no. It will change my world, and it will make my horse a little higher. But in all seriousness I am not a fan of throwing my hands up, because doing that will just lead to the ultimate destruction of our universe. Maybe not today or tomorrow but if you need incentive to change within your lifetime just think about cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes...none of which sound like a party to me.

Veggie Strong Student

PS. look for my grocery store confessional within the next 2 days...a cold has decided to fill my head and sinuses rendering me self pitying and not wanting to do ANYTHING productive!

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    Recent clinical studies suggest that casein, found in all dairy products, blocks the absorption of antioxidants and renders them useless to our body. Get healthier by going vegan! Here are two uplifting videos that will help people understand just some of the implications of this lifestyle: and

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    Yes vegan is a goal for the future...right now I am struggling with pumpkin cream cheese among other things.

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