Salmonella in our Peanut butter, and Arsenic in our Rice

I am going to stop listening to radio.

NPR, you crush me.

Except if I stop listening I don't think things will stop happening.

Romney will still open his mouth which will inevitably be disastrous, Kate Middleton's boobs will still be a hot topic, Libya will still be in turmoil, people will still die, and the food system will continue to exist. So I suppose the appropriate reaction is not to stop listening but to start, and further more to do something with the knowledge gained.

Sheesh being an informed semi-adult is hard.

The most recent stomach curdling news was that salmonella was found in peanut butter; this just after reports of arsenic was found in our rice . WHAT!? Peanut butter AND rice, are you trying to kill off the poor vegetarians!? And although one of the waitresses I work with does think it is a conspiricy to just keep us scared, I do not buy into this notion. Instead I ask: how many times will we allow products to be recalled? How many incidents of this or that in our food from spinach to peanut butter to hamburgers are we as consumers going to withstand. Who needs to die for us to call foul? For us to stand up? For us to recognize we need a change. Because we do, we need to change our food system and we need to look at how farmers are farming, and why they are using the practices they are.Demand for these products is high, and conditions are less than sanitary, and things fall through the cracks. I get it, we can't  ask for perfect but we can ask for better. We need to.

Arsenic in our rice. That's the one that gets me, because it is the groundwater that is contaminating the rice.  Water naturally has organic arsenic that you do not use to kill your husband with, because organic arsenic will pass through the body- it is everywhere and is no big deal. Inorganic arsenic is found in that bastard's drink, and drum roll please---PESTICIDES! And these pesticides are sprayed and absorbed by the soil and then they stay there, they either stay there or they run off which is a whole other problem with contaminating streams, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water another problem for another post. BUT back to staying in the soil, these little devils (pesticides) can then be absorbed by the conveniently super vulnerable  crops like RICE, and then here we are listening to the radio and being told rice has arsenic in it...

Well, neat. Rice has arsenic in it but somehow Stanford found that eating organic isn't necessarily any better for you.

I'm not saying that organic rice isn't also contaminated...I don't know, but what I am saying is that pesticides have arsenic in them. Not all of them do, but some of them do and I mean really folks do you know what the farmer 500miles away sprayed on your wheat before the factory 300 miles away made your baby soft bread?

Lets stay informed and then take it to the next level and do something with that blog about it. Jokes. But for now at almost 10pm when I have 2 quizzes and an ever looming Calc II exam coming up this is all I am going to do- blog, and sleep, and I suppose avoid rice.

But we can't avoid everything, and in terms of the problem it is all part of the problem.

Until next time,

Slightly Discouraged Student

PS. I bought more cereal...I also bought more cucumbers, arugula, and radishes at the market today, not exactly an epic fail and not exactly an epic win.


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